25 anniversary manners

by Sara

When your in-laws are celebrating their 25'th anniversary and they make their invitations do the son's wife's also participate in the invitation or only the children?? This is a very good question I had never asked any of my family members.

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by: Ms P Etiquette


I am not certain I understand your question. If you are asking if the wives are invited to the party, of course they are. If you are asking if the invitations should be addressed to both husband and wife, yes they should.

Let me know if I missed this entirely or actually answered your question.

Ms. Practical Etiquette​

by: Sara

No you understood right I am upset cuz my in-laws didn't add me to it nd my daughter its upsetting but I will get over it. My husband is upset too but he said why make a big deal over it we can speak to them about it later what do you recommend my family noticed it nd my father was upset for they did not include their sons wife and child.

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