addressing retirement party invites

by karen
(naples fl usa)

My husband and I are hosting a retirement party for him. He retired 8 mos. ago and wishes to invite the people he worked with and their " significant other" . The problem is ,he doesn't know all of the wives /girlfriends names. I've read that it is not proper to address the invites wit " and guest ", that he should find out their names. Is this correct ? He can call someone that he work with to get this info. He retired in April, 2014. he doesn't want gifts. the party is also 2 weeks before Christmas. Also, where the invite says " given by " ( from a Hallmark store ) should I state my name only or both of our names ? The party will be in our home with dinner provided .

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Retirement Party
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hi Karen,

My, this sounds like a fun affair!! I think it is grand that the two of you are hosting his retirement party. It is something to celebrate!​

​Yes, it would be nice to use the proper names of all invited, however, when a couple isn't married there is always a chance the names have changed since last you looked! Because this isn't a formal gala, addressing the cards of Mr & Mrs Smith for the married folks and to Mr. Smith plus 1 is fine. It's also ok to do the same with a woman, Miss Smith plus 1. Many times the plus one is a good friend and not a love interest, so your guest has permission to invite anyone they wish. You can also substitute "and guest" for "plus 1". Also, please state "no gifts" and be clear it is a dinner party. Now you are all set!

Good Luck!
Ms Practical Etiquette

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