Addressing Wedding Invitation

by Pam
(Tarpon Springs, Fl.)

What is proper way to address a wedding invitation to a woman, whose husband is in nursing home, with end-stages of Alzheimer's. Do we address to "Mr. & Mrs." John Doe, or to

"Mrs John Doe", or even, "Ms. Jane Doe"?

Thank you for your help!!!
Very much appreciated!!!

Warm regards,


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Wedding Invitation
by: Ms Practical Etiquette

Hello Pam~

Please address the envelope exactly as you would to other couples you are inviting. They are still a married couple and even though you know he won't be attending, you invite him. Suppose the husband wasn't ill, but traveling on business at the time of your event and you are aware of his absence. You would still invite both of them as Mr. and Mrs. This is done out of respect for both the woman and her ailing husband.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

Addressing wedding invitation
by: Pam

Dear Ms Practical Etiquette~
Thank you, so much, for your answer!!
And, I very much appreciate your prompt response!! I am sure we will have many more questions, before this wedding takes place!

Warm regards,


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