Adult graduation gift

by Brandy

My brothers fiancé is 35 yrs old, is working full-time, and went back to school for an associates degree. She is graduating in a few weeks and I am unsure of an appropriate gift. My brother seems to be making a bigger deal out of it than she is. They are having a dinner in an expensive restaurant after the ceremony and talking about a huge party with 100 plus guests. Since graduation tickets are limited, we have been informed they are first going to her out of town friends (which is fine because we would need to take off work to attend ceremony). Can you please advise on an appropriate gift?

Also, the degree is totally different from her current job and cannot be used to enhance or move forward in her present position.

Thank you!

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Graduation Gift
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Brandy,

Let's eliminate the part of your question that is not important to the issue. How old she is, what kind of degree she is receiving, how many people are invited, how expensive the restuarant andwhether or not you think it is the right one for her career advancement, etc. I am sure you see where I am going. Just decide whether or not you wish to participate in gift giving. If so, give her a small gift symbolic of her laudible achievement. You will find something appropriate that does not have to be expensive, just thoughtful.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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