Am I right to be annoyed at my birthday snub?

by Sally

My cousin sent out invitations for a bbq at her house to celebrate 3 occasions - a visitor from another country, her boyfriend’s birthday and a friend’s birthday, all mentioned on the invite. It also happens to be my birthday but she has not acknowledged it. Am I right to be annoyed?

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Birthday Snub
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hi Sally,

Thank you for your question and happy birthday.

The question is did she even know it was your birthday? I do not know how close you are to your cousins, but she may not even had been aware. I would think it was an innocent oversight and not an intentional snub. I would let it pass and move on. No reason to hold hard feelings.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

Yes she would know.
by: Sally

Yes she should have known it was my Birthday, as we used to swap presents. She would always consistently be late with gifts, but is always on time with others. There is more to this than I mentioned, but thanks for the help.

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