Anniversary Etiquette

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A couple of years ago the father of my first love passed away. I went to the funeral with my wife (of thirty-two years). The family was not at all surprised to see me and were very gracious. My first love was quite emotional and wept on my shoulder. She also reminded me that she had cried the last time she saw me. It was on her wedding day.

My wife was also gracious and even hugged my first love. It was quite an experience.

I sent a note (that I shared with my wife before I sent it) after the funeral and received a card and a letter since then both of which I had my wife read. There are no secrets. My wife knows the whole story.

My friend's fortieth wedding anniversary is coming up. My question is? Is it appropriate to send an anniversary card?

PS: Not that it makes any difference but she broke up with me when she started dating the man she eventually married. I did send them a wedding gift.

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Perplexed~

Your wife is a saint considering you still repeatedly refer to an old girlfriend as your "first love"! You and your wife must have a lovely relationship to withstand this.. Send the anniversary card from both of you to the anniversary couple. Then give your wife a big hug!

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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