Baptism invites and gifting

My family recently started to attend church. My daughters have never been baptized and are currently 8 & 9. We haven't lived in this state very long (3 years) and have little family located down here. Most of our family lives 1700+ miles away. Should I send them an invite regardless? If so, is it proper to suggest donations to the church (or the church's private school my children attend) in my children's names for those who would like to send a gift?

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Baptism Gifting
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Mom and Dad,

How nice that you have found a new church that you enjoy!

For those who live far away with no chance of attending, I suggest you send announcement cards, rather than invitations.

Directing the gift giving can be a sticky situation. Some of the invitees may not want to give a gift, others may not wish to send money. It is more polite to say something like this, "Gift for the children are not expected. However, if you wish to participate, a donation to the church or school would be appreciated by those organizations. I am sure."

​I hope you all have a lovely event.

Ms. Practical Etiquette​

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