block party

by Vic

Hello. We need some etiquette advice, please. I hope you will answer soon. Here is our situation: We just moved into a new cul-de-sac of 6 houses. In December, we invited all our new neighbors to a party that we hosted in order to get acquainted. It was quite successful. We still do not know our neighbors well, but we are all friendly now. One of the neighbors has a son (who did not come to our party and has said "hello" once) graduating from High School. The neighbor wants to have a block party in his honor (verbal announcement) and has asked us to bring food. We will gladly do so! However, we are not sure if we would be obligated to any type of gift for the son. Graduating high school is momentous but we do not have a relationship with this boy at all. We do not want to appear rude or risk eliminating good will with neighbor, so advise is needed as to what is appropriate. Are we obligated to a gift? Thank you for considering our appeal.

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Graduation Gift
by: Ms. P Etiquette

Hi Vic,

Thank you for your question.

You are never obligated to give a gift. It is totally up to you on whether you feel you should give a gift and what size/amount. In this case, a card would be sufficient. If you want to put a check in the card, that is totally at your discretion.

Enjoy the graduation party!

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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