Celebration Invitation

by Barbara
(Armonk, NY)

My daughter has recently started a relationship with a divorced man with children. This past weekend my daughter met his children for the first time. This coming Friday her and her new love are hosting a BBQ having invited his parents, cousins and many friends after his daughter's dance recital. Am I wrong to feel hurt that they have not invited me. He suggested that I be invited but my daughter told him "we could do that some other time". Is it my responsibility to invite him to my home for dinner first before expecting any invitations from them?

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Barbara,

I was about to say that perhaps your daughter was trying to manage the situation by only inviting his connections (his parents, his family …) until I got to friends, which I am not sure if this is his friends or both sets of friends. This may be the first time that she meets all of the people in his life, and wanted to manage that situation.

But "friends" still seems to stick out to me. Perhaps you should speak to your daughter as to what she is adamant about another time, and if it is the first introduction, give her the space to do this, although it might be good for her to have some moral support...

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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