Confused Stepdaughter

by Karen
(Myrtle Beach, SC USA)

I received a gift in the mail unexpectedly.The name on the box was my dad's wife. I have not had a relationship with her through the 16 years since my dad left. or with my dad either. I was 10 years old when this happened. On the occasions that we did speak, she would say cruel and hurtful things to me. Once after we had a house fire when was 14 and lost everything except the pj's we wearing. Once I was 17 and my mom was in hospital terminally ill and I tried to get in contact with my dad. I know she sent me the gift and Ishould send her a thank you letter. My question is should I thank my dad also? Is this the correct manners to follow? I do not to offend or be rude to either of them. Thank you.

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Thank you notes
by: Ms P. Etiquette

Dear Karen,

If there is a card or some other identification with the gift that you received, then send the thank you based on who signed it. If there is not, then send a thank you to both your father and his wife to cover yourself since your intentions are not to offend and you really have no idea if it is both or just your father's wife.

Good luck,

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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