Cousins Baby Shower

by Gail
(Crystal Lake Il )

Do I need to send a gift for my 2nd cousins baby shower if Im not attending? I live 450 miles away from the town the baby shower is being held my home town infact. We attended her wedding reception a few years back brought a nice gift. This time I dont want to make any effort to drive all that ways namely because my mother passed away in 2012 and none of those cousins came to her funeral they live 350 miles away from my hometown where the funeral was being held nor did I receive an acknowledgement from any of them No sympathy card no nothing I feel like they only invite me for the presents to their functions. My cousin and her children lived next-door to my mom for many years my mom was very close to them and her brother's family but yet none of them could come to her funeral? She always came to their birthday parties brought presents graduations brought presents she always did the nice things for them I was really disgusted that none of them came to her funeral nor acknowledge it to me, the only thing that I got from any of my cousins was a $12 hanging plant from a nursery an the one cousin is very wealthy she use to own a hotel and her husband was the principal of the high school. They are first cousins the one having the baby shower is a daughter to my first cousin they lived next-door to my mom. So I don't feel I need to send the present nor do I feel I need to drive all the way over there wasting my gas to a baby shower in the same town my mother's funeral was held, and my holding a grudge yes Siam and I don't care but I did want to find out if I should send a present just to be nice anyway your opinion would be appreciated, thank you! :)

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Baby Shower Gift
by: Ms P Etiquette


Since we need only give gifts when we feel a desire to do so, I see no reason for your sending a gift to the baby shower. Proper manners include giving joyously from your heart. It is a shame to have such discord within your family and I am so sorry that your family ignored your mother’s funeral. I hope your heart mends one day.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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