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Dining stories are a result of your experience whether at home, at a restaurant, over a friend’s or family’s house or in a business setting. They can be a result either as the person dining stories, table etiquette, proper table manners, dinner table etiquette, tipping etiquette dining or as the person servicing the table. On the table etiquette page, a general overview is provided on the elements of proper table manners. This is provided in more details with a "do and don’t” list on the table manners page. As you will agree, when people think etiquette, one of the first elements thought of is table manners and behavior. This is certainly one of the first lessons we teach our children our children. I would hazard a guess that most parents have a number of table horror stories they can share as they were teaching their children proper table manners. I know I certainly do.

In addition to table manners and etiquette, another element touched on that comes into play during the dining experience which gives rise to interesting stories is tipping. On the tipping etiquette page, guidelines are dining stories, table etiquette, proper table manners, dinner table etiquette, tipping etiquette provided for the appropriate level of tip in a given situation. In most cases, this assumes a minimum satisfactory level. Of course, extraordinary service would expect a higher level of tip than customary.

All of the elements of etiquette speak to an assumed level of respect whether giving it or receiving it. It is when things happen to diminish respect that negative stories will arise.

Dining stories can run the gamut, from the perfect anniversary setting to the not so perfect three ring circus. Tell us about the great times and what made them great! Tell is about the not so great times (If I knew you were going to speak when you chewed, I would have brought my umbrella ... you thought). How did you handle the situation?

Better yet, what are the little tricks you use to remember whose bread plate is whose and whose water is whose? And what's with all the utensils??

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We would love to hear it! Share your experience about how good dining etiquette has made the difference for you!

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Business buster Not rated yet
I had a business lunch the other day with this person who was trying to have my business. The restaurant was fine, the service was very good and the food …

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