Equality of gift to a non related child .

by Carrie Stone
(Oak Grove,KY)

My daughter has a live in boyfriend, & his child, and my daughter has 1 child.There is 3 yrs difference between the children.My question is. Do I have to give the non related child equal gift's,or give at all? I live on a limited income,so even giving a gift to my grandchild is difficult. My daughter expects me to give the same gift to both.Is there a solution to this situation?

With sincere thanks,
Carrie stone

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Gift Equality
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Carrie,

Thank you​ ​for your interesting question. Proper etiquette does not know budgets or relationships, it is just good manners. First, your daughter is out of line when she tells you how to handle family gifts. That is very inappropriate of her. My suggestion is you take the children's feelings into consideration when giving gifts. No gift needs to be expensive, in fact all gifting should be within one's budget.

It is not necessary for both children to receive the same gift or gifts of equal monetary value. What is appropriate is that both children receive a gift. Making the other child feel left out is not acceptable. I hope this helps you with your decision.

Ms. Practical Etiquette​

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