Everyday house guest

by Darcy
(San Jose, CA)

I have a 30 yr old girl that comes to my house everyday to see her boyfriend that lives here. Prior to him living here she was a regular guest also. She does nothing in the house to help. Like we all eat dinner she cleans off her own plate and puts in dishwasher and that's all she does. I believe anytime your in someone's home for dinner you offer to help cook it or clean up. She does nothing but her own plate and then watches everyone else clean. How do I get it across to her its just Good Manners and the right thing to do in someone else's home that your visiting.

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House Rules
by: Ms P Etiquette


​Unless you are willing to have an honest talk with this girl, explaining your expectations while she is living in your house, I doubt there is much you can do. I suggest you call her aside and be clear that her lack of good manners is troubling. Good luck.

​Ms Practical Etiquette​

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