Family Interaction

by Bella

I am living with boyfriend, he has two adult children. He had been alone for three years prior to knowing me, depressed and waiting a woman who had found another love. This man is the most loving kind and soft spoken I had met. The ex had not cut ties and although she did not love him she promised to do all family things with him and adult children of 30 and Twenty five. Daughter a little possessive to the point that she was always calling shots in our home. The house was although beautiful, it had been very neglected. Meanwhile we have been painting cleaning. Totally re vamping home. Pool was totally deal pitted. We emptied , power washed, reprinted and now are ready to fill. Btw, I ran into her girlfriend and she asked me how long before pool ready for swimming . What do I say. This was a home people came and went. I don't want them feeling they could just come and go. What or how should I express this.?

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Extended Family
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Bella~

I believe your question is whether or not you have the authority to set boundaries in the home you are sharing with a boyfriend who comes with an extended family/ex history. This is an issue that only you and the boyfriend can resolve. Try to agree on house rules together and then stand together.

Good luck.
Ms Practical Etiquette

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