Feeling left out in California

by Shan
(Fresno, California )

My daughter age 25 just graduated from college. We are giving her a college graduation fiesta. I sent her a text this morning about getting together for breakfast or coffee. She said NO* in her text. Just like that but thanked me. Then she went on to say that her boyfriends mother and her would be by the house this week to discuss the party and that she will be in charge. She also stated that I’d better get started on cleaning the house and how dirty it was and that it was so sad that she was thinking about canceling the party. All I did was ask to get together with her today. She loves his mother more than me and I am just a hopeless sap to her. I’ve been fighting an illness for over 2 years and my family has abandoned me. What do I do to handle this situation. ( I am in counseling but she can’t help with this hurt) I feel that my daughter was out of line by the way she treated me this morning when her mother asked her to breakfast or coffee. I wasn’t expecting a rude response. She’s 25 and always disrespectful. I feel so alone and don’t know how to respond to her treatment.

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Daughter's Actions
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Shan,

I was taken aback by this situation. Regardless of the other things happening, you are still her mother. There should be a bit more respect. I do not know the fill background, but I would take her aside and tell her this is not a proper way for her to act. Quite frankly, not sure why you would be planning a celebration for her. A conversation is due between the two of you to clear the air on what the issues are on both sides.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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