Friend provided services and did not charge a fee

by Reba

We recently had some work done at our house and a friend did the design work. We've asked repeatedly for his bill for the services and at first he said he would send it. We never received it. Now he shrugs it off, saying he'll get us on the next phase of the project. Don't know if we will proceed with that next phase at this point.

I feel awkward about it and wanted to give a gift card, but I wasn't sure for how much. He did put some design time in and organized the workers that performed the work. It is his own business. I thought perhaps a $250 or $500 gift card. I don't want to give to little or too much that he perhaps he may get offended. Just don't know what the right thing to do is. Appreciate your thoughts.

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Reba,

​One way to determine a fee is to use a percentage of the amount you paid to have the work done. If he designed and supervised, figure 8-10% of the total as a fee. If this calculation is over the $500 amount you mentioned, give him the $500 gift card. If it is less, then give accordingly. Practical etiquette suggests that he should either tell you he is not charging you or send you a bill. His actions have caused you discomfort, which is always poor manners.

​Ms. Practical Etiquette​

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