How Do I address Doctors who are my clients?

by Nick
(Metro Detroit, MI )

I run a business and work with medical doctors who are my paying clients. The run the gamut as far as cultures, ages, personalities, etc. Some are younger, some are older. Some were born and raised here and appreciate small talk, others are fairly recent immigrants and prefer little small talk. I have been working with some of these doctors for quite some time. I also meet new doctors all the time.

I need to be personable, approachable, and professional. I also want to network with them as much as possible as my business entirely depends on referrals.

I don't know how to fix this situation and determine who to address as Dr. Last Name and who to address by first name. I don't want to come across as a flake or ingenuine, but prefer to be friendly and professional. Please help.

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Addressing Doctors
by: Ms. P Etiquette

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your question.

In a formal or professional setting, it is appropriate to call then Dr. Smith or Dr. Jones. If they request that you call them by their first name, then call them by that.

Kind regards.
Ms. Practical Etiquette

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