How to address a single mother and her 20 year old daughter on announcement

by Lisa Bertik
(Newbury Park, CA)

Im not completely sure how to address my sisterinlaw, a single mother and her daughter on the outside of a college graduation announcement. I prefer to do things the correct way so I know for future.

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Addressing the Announcement
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your question. You could send two announcements in this situation. If you want to send only one, then address it Ms. (sister's name) and Ms. (niece's name). This would be the most expediate way to do it.

I just reread your question and note that you refer to her as your sister-in-law. Does she still use Mrs. (not sure from your question if your brother is still part of the relationship)? If he is, then it would be Mr. & Mrs. (his name) and Ms. (daughter's name). If your brother passed, does she go by Mrs. or Ms.? If Mrs., then Mrs. (her name) and Ms. (Niece's name).

Congratulations on your son/daughter's great achievement!

Ms. Practical Etiquette

by: Anonymous

You are assuming that the sister-in-law used to be married to the writer's brother; whereas in fact she may be a sister-in-law by virtue of the fact that she's the writer's husband's sister. Ergo, she may never have been married to anyone, but has a 20 year-old-daughter (who would be the niece or niece-by-marriage of the writer). Either way, the correct way to address the invitation is to "Ms. Sister-in-Law's Name" and "Ms. Niece's Name."

Another Scenario
by: Ms P Etiquette

Yes, that is a scenario I did not think of. Thank you for pointing it out.

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