How to sign letter to son and his girlfriend

by Kris
(Madison, WI)

When I sign a card or letter addressed to our son and his long term girlfriend, I am always unsure about whether to sign it "Mom" or my name or both. None of those options seems quite right, as she calls me by my name, but he calls me "Mom." I suppose the same question exists in reverse direction for addressing us or a couple's parents-in-law if the parents' first names are used by the in-law. Suggestions? Thank you!

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Card Signing
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hi Kris,

Here is what I do with my son, his wife and my granddaughter: I use the names they use. My correspondence ends with- Mom for my son, my first name for my daughter in law & Momo for my granddaughter. Grandkids love those pet names, don't they?​ ​

Have fun with it!!

Ms. Practical Etiquette

for both?
by: Anonymous

I agree and do the same when sending a card to one of them, but am stumped when sending a letter to both of them.

Sign two names in the same note?
by: Liz

I have the same dilemma when writing a thank you note to both my son and his girlfriend together. Are you suggesting that I sign

Liz / Mom?

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