HS Graduation Gift

by Grace

My brother did not give my daughter a graduation gift (he and his wife are successful business owners). He sent my son a gift a few years earlier and I sent one to his son a year after that but nothing for my daughter when she graduated last year. Am I expected to give a gift to his daughter when she graduates from high school next year?

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Gift Giving Expectations
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Grace,

This is a common question asked of me to which I give the same answer each time. Why do we give gifts? Gifts should be given from the heart, not as quid pro quo. If your brother had not sent a gift to your son, would you still have given his son a gift upon his graduation? I advise giving gifts from your heart, within your budget and not as payment for some previous exchange. If you use this advice, you never need feel slighted again or confused about your own role. Giving without expectation of reciprocation is simple and civilized.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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