husband and new wife

by Mary Helen
(Spokane wa)

My granddaughter born 6.14 14 is having her 1st bday and am I am not invited,yet x and new wife are. My son and wife and baby live in Va. My x and i live in same town.None of us have seen her. I have not remarried. I was 33 years married. I want to take the high road. Yet I am hurting

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Family Dynamics
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Mary Helen,

Of course you are feeling hurt​ ​by these events. Very understandable. Without more information regarding the motivations behind these circumstances, it is not possible for me to give you any specific advice. However, it seems you have very little control over this situation. This is an issue between you and your son, one you must work out together. If you cannot, then accept what happens as being outside your manageability. Regarding etiquette and common sense, do not disrupt the event or create stress for others. If you keep your cool, things will evolve naturally. This may bring new peace to you and your family. On the other hand, upsetting the other players can only lead to continue family chaos.

Good luck.
Ms. Practical Etiquette​

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