Is this rude and inconsiderate?

by Chloe

I was planning a 50th birthday party for a friend (girl) with mutual friends, at MY HOUSE. She then texted me asking if she could bring her sister in-law, brother in-law and her 8 year old niece.

I felt like I couldn’t say anything but yes. I resented that question. I feel that, that question was inconsiderate. Do you agree?


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Invitation List
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hi Chloe,

Did your friend have a say in the invitation list or was this wholly your decision? Also, what was the timing of the ask? If your friend had input into the invitation list and then decided, at the last minute after all of your plans, food, and arrangements were in place, then, yes, that was not very thoughtful on the part of the your friend. At the same time, it was a her 50th birthday celebration, and perhaps, having the additional people made it a bit better for her.

Your a good friend. Do not let this destroy your friendship.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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