Just Wondering

by Sarah

I am visiting my vacation home for a brief stay and I have invited my best friends,who live here year- round to be my guest at one of the nicest restaurants in town for dinner.(I usually take them somewhere for dinner when I an in town, about 3 times a year They check on my house.) Most of the time the choice is discussed so that I'm sure both of them are happy. I know they like the restaurant I've suggested for tomorrow night and I haven't been there in a few year. When I extended the invitation 3 days ago both of them liked the idea. This morning the wife called and said her husband would like to go somewhere else. I'm sure we'll have a good time wherever we go. I'm just disappointed and curious whether this was okay for them to do? Thanks for your help.

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Restaurant Selection
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Sarah,

Yes, because this is a casual invitation it is acceptable for your guests to request a change of venue. Unless you were told the reason, you have no way of knowing why which isn't important. Having fun while saying thank you sounds great to me.​

​Ms Practical Etiquette

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