Making too much of leaving names out of signature?

My husband attended out of state the wedding of a close relative where our kids and I were unable to join him due to our kids being in school. There was a wedding picture to be signed at the wedding to be presented to the bride and groom. Would it have been appropriate for my husband to sign his own name and in parentheses the names of we who couldn't attend yet still support the bride and groom? Only my husband met the bride (at the wedding) not the rest of us yet we would've liked to have been included in extending wishes. Are we wrong for feeling slighted by my husband because he signed only his name? Felt it looked as though we didn't care or extend our own wishes with his.

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Family Support
by: Ms P Etiquette

The photo was a gift to the bride & groom as a remembrance of those who attended their ceremony. Your husband's signing was appropriate. And I assume the bride and groom are aware he carries the family's support with his name.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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