by Cheri
(Saint Louis)

My boyfriend, R., of seven months has a 17 year old daughter, O. I have three grown kids of my own. He and I are establishing a wonderful relationship--he couldn't be any nicer or more of a gentleman. Every once in a while I will do something special for her. When we went to playoff games for world series, I got tickets for us and her. When she said pumpkin pie was her favorite, I bought her a pumpkin pie. She never says thank you for anything. Her mother died when she was five. She seems like a happy, well cared for and well adjusted young woman. He has obviously done a wonderful job, but not sure has done a very good job teaching manners. Shall I stop giving or just be patient? It is plain old awkward.

Many thanks in advance,


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by: Ms P Etiquette


I​f you are giving to O from your heart, continue being kind and thoughtful. The best way for a young woman to learn proper manners is to observe others who practice proper etiquette​. Be an example, not a disciplinarian. You will make a new friend and she may have a woman she admires. Everyone wins.

​Ms Practical Etiquette​

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