Mother in law taking to manny liberties with MY child

by Shane


My name is Shane Hagemeier and my mother in law is VERY demanding and takes liberites when it comes to my son Allen ( who is her first grandchild by the way). Such examples...She bought him his first bicycle and did not think to ask us (the parents) if it was ok. To ME the father,I felt like that was a rite of passage so to speak for me and my son and she stripped it away from me. She tries to tell me that Allen can or cannot do things tha I bring up, such as if he grows up and wants to ride bulls for example,she says NO WAY! It`s not her decision! I am adamant to leave those decisions up to him if he`s old enough to make those decisions.She acts like he is HER child but we get to raise him just so long as we do it HER way! I`m sick and tired of this!!!

Now what brought me to my question is the straw that broke the camels back... Today,she changed HER facebook profile picture to mMY son`s picture with him sitting on Santa`s lap.

Am I wrong to feel offended by that?

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Shane,​

​Overbearing in laws are hardly a new phenomenon. And it sure seems you've got a doozy! You did not mention how your wife feels about this interference. You two need a united front to discuss this with your mother in law directly. Your son is in the middle, a very bad situation all the way around. I agree she seems to be taking over those important moments in a growing family as well as giving advice that is not solicited. However, this will NEVER stop if the boy's parents cannot get control of the family dynamic. This is crucial to the well being of all concerned. The Facebook photo is the least of your worries.

Good luck. I wish you success.​

​Ms. Practical Etiquette​

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