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I just found out that my niece, her husband and their new baby are coming to visit. They live in Israel. The problem is that I did not know my niece was planning to visit until today and I just planned a road trip with a friend of mine. I am very close with my brothers kids and would drop everything for them.

A few more details. My friend is 28. I am 54. She is not as close to any of her family and has no nieces or nephews and most likely never will. And, lastly, I will be in Israel for about 2 weeks a month prior to my nieces visit but will only see the family on a limited basis because I am going on a women's program.

Is it acceptable for me to cancel the road trip? My friend is upset because she had switch her schedule around in order to take this trip. I know if the tables were turned I would understand. My friend, however, stays that she would never had canceled.

Im looking for advise.



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Personal Decision
by: Ms P Etiquette

​Hello Adina,

Life can be complicated at times and this seems to be the time! This is more of a personal decision than an issue of etiquette, of course. The decision is really up to you, but I advise you to refrain from believing you would agree to cancel the trip if roles were reversed. Because you and your friend have different backgrounds, aspirations and dreams reactions to disappointment will differ as well. Perhaps you can consider who will benefit the most from your decision and which party will suffer the most. Sometimes that is the only way to decide between two equally important events.

I wish you well, Adina.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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