New boyfriend expects expensive gift

by Michelle
(Denver, CO)

I have a new boyfriend of 2 months. He asked me tonight if I thought about exchanging gifts with him. And I said, you want to buy me a present? And he says that he would like a $500 set of Wireless speakers. I told him that I couldn't afford that type of a gift. He knows that I am getting a settlement from my exhusband next week and he mentioned that he knew I would have the money next week. I am using the settlement to put a down payment on a townhouse. I will also need a couch and a new bed as I do not have either. Also, I don't think it matters what I'm doing with the money because it is my money.

When I told him that even when my husband and I were married we had not exchanged such high ticket items, he basically said "I am not your ex husband."

I am questioning so much about this relationship as of this moment. How would you handle this situation?

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by: Ms P Etiquette


Run as fast as you can away from this ill-mannered person demanding your money through gifts or otherwise. Only the crassest individual would behave in this way. His behavior clearly shows his interest is in the money and how to get it for himself.

But I think you already know this answer.​ ​It is disappointing but thank goodness it came early in the relationship so you can leave it behind without entanglements.​

Take care of yourself first, Michelle.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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