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Office stories can consume our "away from work" time if we let them. How many of you have come home to your spouse, significant other or family and friends, and talked about an episode that occurred at work that day? Given the amount of time spent at work, is there any surprise here? Heck, there is even the popular TV show The Office that is about the whole human interaction process (although a bit funnier).

In the office etiquette section of PracticalEtiquette, various aspects of day to day work interaction are reviewed. From working in a cubicle, open office or other shared office environment to how to act in meetings, video conferences and general office interaction, all of these have their own rules of etiquette engagement. In addition, the various modes of communication, be it the phone, email or via the Internet, also warrant a close understanding of what is expected in the form of social interaction.

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Besides these aspects of the work environment, companies will also provide etiquette and communication training on how to interact with the media so as to put the best foot of the firm forward. In addition, companies will also provide sensitivity training to employees to help them understand what is expected of them the work environment and what type of behavior is and, more importantly, is not acceptable. All of this training is targeted at creating the proper working environment for the workforce and create the proper business culture of the firm.

meeting etiquette, business meeting etiquette, business etiquette tips, office manners

All of us, by working in different work cultures, will have our own unique stories. But despite these differences, we might be surprise to learn of the many similarities. What are some of your work and office stories? How do you handle the tardy people who come to your meetings? Those who are in an "open office" environment, how did you get use to that? What are some of the challenges to good etiquette you face every day at work and how do you handle them ... professionally of course!

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