Online First meet in India from US

by Jaya

I met a guy online who lives in Bangalor. We have been talking by Skype, email and phone everyday for a while now. He wants to come to US to meet me and my family but I am not comfortable with my living situation. He is from a high caste and I am not from such a good family. I am the good one out of the bunch and from what I see online in India you can be judged by your family. I would hate for that to happen. I have not said no but I have not been enthuiastic about the idea and he gets the picture.

Now he wants to make arrangements for me to go to India and he has all these places he wants to show me. He says he has a huge house with guest quarters that I can stay. I feel comfortable talking to him, he seems like a respectable person and in my heart I feel like it is okay to trust him.

Since this is our first time meeting face to face I have the following questions:

I seen that the trip takes 2 days and I can only take a week off work...10 days total time to include travel time....does that sound like the right amount of time or is it too much or too little?

I feel like I should bring a gift, but not sure what to bring. I want it to be something to show my appreciation of him sending for me, and something to show I put some thought into it, but I can not afford anything expensive. I know Indians appreciate gold but that is out of my budget. I am very handy and can make something as the trip is 3 months away but do not know what I can possibly make a man that he would like.
Also what are the dating rules in this situation?
Thank you so much for your well thought out advise.
Shy girl in US

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Travel Meeting
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Jaya,

Please reconsider this trip to India and think more about his coming to visit you. I do not know the cultural etiquette in India, nor am I familiar with the different castes but I do know they are taken seriously even today. Also, it is not prudent for you to travel alone under these circumstances. I hope you will re-think your travel plans.

Good luck,
Ms Practical Etiquette

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