Over joyed in Abington

by Shannon

Okay so I have a very big blended family & 3 daughters celebrating big events at the same time, two their high school graduation (both live with me share friends and attend same school but one is adopted so has different extended family)an aunt who offered to throw a graduation party but for just her neice), & my other daughter is having her first child (a step daughter I raised who has other family wanting to help with shower and somehow the daughter got in on planning) . The two who live with me graduate the 14th of June and I was planning to have a joint graduation party on the 17th or 18th but the adopted childs aunt swooped in and offered a graduation party for her neice only and grabbed a date the 18th I was considering then the daughter having the baby shower decided on an earlish shower so friends wouldnt be on vacation-at that point I started getting very Over whelmed and frustrated with trying to give all 3 the special time in the lime light they deserve, without overwhelming family and friends to point they wouldnt attend! many would attend all three or at least 2 of the celebrations Then I started thinking maybe we could have a staged open house type party at 3 different locations on the same day , or share a venue and have the shower back to back with the graduation party? Then I felt like I was watering down the attendance at one or the other and was dismissing the aunts intent for her offer ? Help want to be over joyed but feeling stressed and confused instead??

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Shannon,

No wonder you are overwhelmed and confused. This is a doozy! 

The only way to handle this would be getting all the principals involved to agree to schedule all the events with input from each. Even then, it will be awkward for some members of your extended family who are involved with only 1 of those celebrating life's great passages. And it is too late to start over with this strategy.

There is no way for you alone to orchestrate events since so many different branches of the family are involved. 

If you actually want to help your daughters celebrate their events, pick a date, plan the gathering and don't worry about making it all work together. Let the invitees figure out who is going where.

Or simply stop planning any event and go with the flow by attending as many of the parties as you can!?

Good luck.
Ms. P.E.

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