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My cousin invited my daughter to a birthday party (pool) for her daughter and made a big deal about us going then said my two other children couldn't attend because it was girls only. Am I wrong that it hurt my feelings as we are family and she knows I am the main caretaker of my kids. They are nice and well mannered, even more so than my daughter, I just said I would have to drop her off as I can't just leave them.? Am I wrong that if it was that important that we go, (it seems to be a big deal to her) that you would make sure I know the details? Or have it on the invite. She only has one child. I don't know I feel as though i missed something?

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Party Invitation
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Mom of three,

Because you do not mention the ages of your children, I must give you a generic response.
​If this is a girls only party, then boys are not appropriate guests. If you were told this after the initial invitation, it was probably an oversight or the birthday girl decided to have only girlfriends. This is not unusual. It is slightly rude, but not unusual.

It is unfortunate that your situation at home makes it impossible for you to attend without all 3 of your children, but your cousin's remarks are not personal or an indication that she thinks your boys are unmannered. She told everyone is was girl's only, I imagine. Perhaps you can all attend together on another celebratory occasion.

I hope this answer helps you to let this go.

Ms. Practical Etiquette​

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