Regifting dinner guest’s gift in front of dinner guest

Okay, your thoughts, please. I had asked my host what I could bring to a dinner she was hosting. She said a dessert. I brought 3 containers of a yummy and quite pricey dessert. She put out two containers, which were gobbled up. I heard her whisper to her hubby not to touch the third container she put in the fridge. When we were leaving, right in front of me she took the third container and gave it to the son of a guest as a little “surprise” for him, as she knew how much he was a fan of this particular dessert. I was steamed but, of course just smiled and bit my tongue, which I know was the right thing to do. My wife thought the regifting was fine to do. I thought otherwise. I asked her whether , if I had brought a bottle of wine, per the host’s request, and the host did the same thing, would she feel differently as to whether it was appropriate for the host to regift. She didn’t answer, but thought that there was a difference between a dessert and a bottle of wine. Thoughts?

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Dessert Gifting
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your question. I would tend to agree with your wife. It is not uncommon to share leftovers from a get together with the guest. It could be that they could not enjoy the dessert themselves due to dietary restrictions or other reasons, and, rather then let it go to waste, thought to share with another guest. Your generous gesture was used to spread the happiness. Be content that was the case.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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