Seating arrangements for close family

Last August my brothers daughter got married.

My adult children and I were invited along with my fiancé .
My son last minute couldn’t go but forgot to rvsp his answer, on the day of the wedding my fiancé and I weren’t seated at the family table , the brides parents , grandparents , and aunts and uncles including my sister were.
I got so hurt !
Unfortunately I can’t hide my feelings!
My sisters told me I was selfish and that it’s the brides day , no one else’s so as long as she’s happy everything is done her way .
My nieces excuse was that the venue divided the table so there would be space for the waiters to pass around.
My name wasn’t even written on the same table in the entrance
I cant believe how impolite they were , I’m also hurt that my brother didn’t even say anything about it , no one even came to our table .
Am I exaggerating or what .
My sister has made me feel so stupid that I’m hurting for what happened
The day after I sent my brother and sister in law a text
Telling them how I felt and even more , my sister in law has always put me down , and I never answered her back.
I guess with the wedding really got me !
Now they’re saying my text was uncalled for and offensive , all I know , if you treat people like they’re invisible or let them think they’re lower than you then one day it’s going to blow in your face !
I always treat people as I want to be treated !!!

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Wedding Seating
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Aunt,

I assume that the family seated you with your family. Your son did not RSVP that he could not attend that he would not attend (yes, that cost whomever paid for the reception extra). Yes, that is rude.

I am sure that whomever decided the seating arrangements, which, by the way, is the worst part of the entire wedding process, because, like you, someone is always not happy. Given that they likely sat you with your son, and given that they wanted you to enjoy your family as part of the larger celebration, who is wrong here? I am sorry to say that it is you. The wedding is a celebration of the bride and groom. It is not about the guest. The bride and groom try their best to accommodate everyone on top of everything else they are going through. To go the direction you have taken this, you owe your brother, and his daughter an apology. You have NOTHING to be hurt about.

You could be aggravated with your son for not being responsible (and selfish!) and not informing the bride and groom that he could not attend. Table seating is usually limited to 8 - 12 people. That is it. Unfortunately, perfect does not always divide by 8 or 12.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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