Should my husband children be sending flowers to him on their parents anniversary now that he is remarriied?

My husbands children sent flowers and an edible arrangement to him for their parents anniversary. He is now remarried. She died almost 4 years ago and he posted the flowers on FB. Didn't say what it was for but, he knew and so did I. I feel it should have been private between them only. His daughters did not want him to remarry and his oldest showed disrespect at our wedding even having me pulled away during our last dance together and she started dancing with him. I didn't smother him during our wedding so he could mingle with his friends and family. Photos of his late wife were still all over the house including their wedding photos. His deceased wife's mother was still living with us until about a month ago. We have been married for 8 months. So what is the proper etiquette on sending flowers on their parents anniversary now that he is remarried? I feel a simple private phone call between them would be appropriate. But, non of them have been respectful of our marriage. It's been one challenge after another. The anniversary of her death is next month. Last year he took them out to breakfast, watched their wedding video and took them to dinner. I was in town visiting him and he later came to see me and they gave him a hard time. I told him It was fine for him not to come and see me but, he wanted to. And he had to pay for that. The kids ages are 26, 21, & almost 17. Okay that is the background.

Thank you.

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Respect and Boundaries
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear disrespected wife,

I do not know where to begin! Your question is certainly not about flowers and private phone calls. It is about respect and boundaries. Please ask your husband to join you in couple counseling so this can be resolved. He seems as contempuous of your relationship as his children because he allows this to go on. Perhaps he is even encouraging it. If you wish to have a good married life with him, stop worrying about who gives flowers to whom and seriously contemplate intensive therapy. It could help the entire family deal with the changes they have been facing the last few years.

Good luck,
Ms. Practical Etiquette​

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