Signing a card to an ex nephew

by l.s. Purdy
(benicia, ca usa)

I have received an announcement of the graduation of my ex husbands sisters son my ex nephew. What is the appropriate way to sign the card. Just my name or Aunt. I have not seen them in many years.

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Siging the card
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Ms Purdy,

Blended family issues are always interesting, even complex​ at times. But this is an easy one. Sign the card with the name your former nephew would associate with you, if that is Aunt, it is entirely appropriate.

Thank you for your intriguing question!

Ms. Practical Etiquette

An ex-nephew?
by: Anonymous

I am perplexed by addressing this successful young man as your "Ex-nephew." I have always believed that adults become divorced, but that any children involved in either side still retain their original status.

I doubt he had any responsibility in the break up.

Perhaps I feel sensitive about this issue; I have a wonderful nephew and cherish both the old and current times we see one another. Never would I ever refer to my nephew as an "ex." Our relationship is for the long haul, which is what I was taught.

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