Splitting the Bill

by Barbara
(Savannah, GA)

We recently hosted a 60th anniversary party at a lovely venue. Although the other hosts had rather large immediate family, we had planned to split the bill right down the middle. We were also asked to bring a substantial gift from entire family, which we weren't reimbursed for.

This was not a problem for us until additional guests were included. In addition to family and friends of the couple, the guest list expanded to personal friends of the couple sharing these expenses. They did not offer to pay for these additional people.

How should this be handled? Do we split all of that in half? Is there a caveat where extra people are paid for separately from the original guests?

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by: Ms P Etiquette


In this situation, you and your friend need to discuss this in detail. Please let her know that you are willing to pay for the amount you had anticipated based on the original plans Don't forget to include spliting the cost of the gift as well.

Her behavior was inappropriate and thoughtless, but I am sure she thought nothing of it. If you want to really know someone, give credence to what they do, not what they say. You've now learned more about your friend so you will be prepared in the future if you ever do this again.

A less learned.....

Ms. Practical Etiquette​​

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