thank you from grandkids.

by Don

We take the 4 real and 4 step grandkids back to school shopping, they get at least 2 to 3 outfits apiece. Cost no matter. and lunch and birthday shopping. The oldest is 16 down to 7. All that has been ask of both parents and children is a follow-up thank you card. To date no cards. Reminders have been given to both. What should we do next.

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Don,

If the parents are not teaching their children to write a gracious thank you card to anyone who gives them gifts, their time, advice or takes them shopping, etc., you are probably out in the cold on this one. Are reminders only going to the parents? If you haven't approached the children, try that. Use it as a lesson from a concerned grandparent who worries that they will grow up ill prepared for life in a competitive world without the manners to say thank you in writing.​ ​If that fails, don't punish the kids by withdrawing your generosity. Instead, use every opportunity you are together as a lesson by example ​of proper manners. Apparently, they need your help!

Good luck, Don.
Ms. Practical Etiquette

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