The surprise baby shower that never happened

by Andrea Gregory
(Franklinton NC)

I just joined the office group in August 2014. I've always been in the department but my office was separate.. Now we all are in one open space. My grandchild was born October 18th 2014. I was congratulated by some coworkers but no card or office baby shower was given for me. My coworker just became a new grandparent today and he showed me the pictures and we talked and I congratulated him. He even thanked me for showing concern. Now my coworkers want to me donate money towards a gift fir him and they are giving him a shower on Monday. I'm hurt by their actions. I even went yo the rest room and cried. We are both new grandparents. Should I be the bigger person and get him a gift and attend the shower?

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by: Ms P Etiquette


I doubt your newly grandparented co-worker had anything to do with your not having equal attention. You can participate in his celebration any way you wish, but I suggest you treat him the way you wish you were treated. It will feel better than a sad heart in the bathroom and make someone else happy. And I doubt this "slight" was intentional.

​Congratulations on the new grandbaby!!

Ms. Practical Etiquette​

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