To go or not to go

by Hopeful Piner
(Brokenheartsville, usa)

I had been talking on and off for about 7 months with this girl I came to know and like. However, it was never easy considering we live in different cities. Anyways, we finally made it a point to meet halfway and hangout. We had always seen each other as more than friends so when we had the opportunity to meet up, she implied that it would be the beginning of the next step. However, she had been in a new relationship for a month by then but she claimed that something was missing and that she missed me. To my dismay, after we met, she chose to continue with the relationship she was already in rather than pursuing me any further. I like to think it was easier to keep with that relationship because of their proximity. I was bitter at first and we have not really talked since, but there's a piece of me that still hangs on to the hope that she'll change her mind. Her graduation is coming up in may and I do not know if I should go or not go. Should I? Of course, I will not formally be invited but I hope that she would be happy to see me. Do I go despite her still being involved in that relationship?

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Hopeful,

If your reason for attending the graduation is to try to win her back, then please do not go. She has told you her wishes. She is not interested in pursuing a relationship with you and you must respect that.  I advise against showing up uninvited as it is poor etiquette to cause unrest at any gathering. This is her day, not yours. It is a shame that we cannot all change our affections at the same time, but hanging on will not help.

Thanks for your interesting question.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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