twin's birthday party

by danielle huddy

i have been dating my boyfriend off and on for 8 years and he has a twin sister that I am no longer friends with. I am planning a birthday party for him with his friends and some family but I did not put her name on the invitation. I am going to have a cake for her but the party is initially for him. I am the only one paying for the party and it is at my house. am I in the wrong? should I just cancel the party to avoid confrontation?

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Party Affairs
by: Ms P Etiquette


Your problem is not very clear to me. Who would be involved in the "confrontation"? Any adult can control their behavior during a party. My advice is to ask your boyfriend and/or his family for their suggestions. This is not something you need decide on your own plus including them in the decision will take the blame off you if things so wrong.​ ​One of the hallmarks of proper entertaining etiquette is making certain ALL of your guests are comfortable.

Good luck,

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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