wedding invitation question and difficult relationship

I was invited to my cousin's wedding and many close and extended family will be attending. I've been seeing someone for year and half (known as friends before that) and I replied that I will be bringing him as a guest. It was difficult decision as to whether to go alone or include him because of all the arguing going on in past few months especially. He's been repeatedly leaving, stone-walling, and then tries to get back with me, because of poor communication basically and issues I won't elaborate. He's again trying to make up but with small amount of effort really, and I'm starting to feel the relationship is doomed and it's time to move on. He's fun to be around sometimes, and was looking forward to taking him (when on the up-swing last time, but we seem to break up every week or two thereabouts in last few months - been apart more than together)...

I guess I should just go alone, the way I feel now, and not sure I'm ready to introduce him anyway to family, even though he's made himself visible on social media to a few family members. I feel a bit guilty not taking him, because it will cost them an extra plate, but embarrassed to try to ask to cancel with 3 weeks left until wedding date. I could just grin and bear it, as I've been dating for a while, but again, not sure that we'll be made up by then (he's away on business trip so who knows, but we have in past managed to make up) However lately,it's getting more hopeless. I will seek counseling, at least for myself, as it's been affecting my immune system, and have had virus, eye infection, now canker sores, and feel the stress. I'm just wondering what would be the most prudent course of action with regard to this wedding event and well, the least embarrassing let's say. (I imagined myself dating someone new in future, and what my family will think of me, changing bfs, etc)

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Wedding Attendance
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Undecided,

Here is a good guide for a situation like the one you described​​: Good etiquette demands that we do nothing to make others around us uncomfortable. When thinking this through, you can see how your bringing him could cause you discomfort which then makes others uneasy. This way you do not even have to make decisions based on all the other extraneous items you mentioned. I hope you have fun without your plus one and get some help.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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