what to bring to a soup and sandwich party?

by Miss Special
(Baltimore, Md.)

Dear Miss Manners I am invited to a party, the food is going to be (soup and sandwich) the host and hostess say "bring something to share" my question is, what should I bring?to add to this statement,the host and hostess are elders and my neighbor. And I discovered that they have invited everybody in the neighborhood.

please help me. the party is next Saturday

Miss Special

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Miss,

Since so many people are invited, you can use your imagination to play on the soup and sandwich theme. What else would one have on the table? What is for dessert? Perhaps make sandwiches that are cut into different shapes? Anything you bring to share will be welcomed so you cannot go wrong. Have some fun with it.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

Soup & Sandwich Neighborhood Party
by: Anonymous

It sounds as if you have some very fun neighbor's! What a novel and creative idea that different. I had a neighbor who made delicious sandwiches made with tortillas with spread creamed cheese, roasted chicken, onions (or not), baled and sliced red peppers with skin removed and lettuce. After assembling, she rolled the is simple and inexpensive. The first (and only)thing that came to my mind was a thick tomato
Bisque served in crusty bread bowls. Your offering would be delicious, filling and tortillos very tightly and wrapped in Saran Wrap overnight. Just before serving she sliced the rolled tortillos in about 1.5 -2 inch portions secured with toothpicks.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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