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Wedding Etiquette: Bringing everything together

Use Wedding Etiquette to help what will be one of the biggest days in any couple's life together.

Continue reading "Wedding Etiquette: Bringing everything together"

Teaching Social Skills: Putting Respect Central

Teaching social skills starts with an understanding of the concept of "respect".

Continue reading "Teaching Social Skills: Putting Respect Central"

Baby Shower Gift Etiquette: How to Find the Perfect Gift

Baby shower gift etiquette celebrates the happy event with gifts and traditions that family, friends, and parents-to-be will remember for years to come.

Continue reading "Baby Shower Gift Etiquette: How to Find the Perfect Gift"

Baby Shower Etiquette: What is expected? Here is your guidance

If you are throwing a baby shower you may be wondering about what baby shower etiquette exists.

Continue reading "Baby Shower Etiquette: What is expected? Here is your guidance"

Australian Values: Inclusive mindset for all

Australian values can be summed up rather succinctly. Show tolerance, respect other people, play fair, give people freedom and equality, and remember to take care of the planet.

Continue reading "Australian Values: Inclusive mindset for all"

Office Etiquette: Creating a Positive Atmosphere at Work

Use office etiquette in the workplace as a guide to enhance your career.

Continue reading "Office Etiquette: Creating a Positive Atmosphere at Work"

Dinner Invitation Etiquette: When do you notify your guest?

When preparing to ask guests to a dinner, dinner invitation etiquette comes into play.

Continue reading "Dinner Invitation Etiquette: When do you notify your guest?"

Formal Wedding Etiquette: Create that Black Tie Experience!

Formal wedding etiquette, as you might guess, is a little more prescribed than more casual affairs.

Continue reading "Formal Wedding Etiquette: Create that Black Tie Experience!"

Family get together

My daughter and her family live in NJ. So do I. My son and his wife live in Missouri. My x husband in Florida. This weekend everyone is in the NYC and

Continue reading "Family get together"

Boyfriends ex mother in law

My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years he still has a relationship with his ex mother in law, which is fine. He still sends her a card for mother's

Continue reading "Boyfriends ex mother in law"

Baby. Shower gift

I was invited to baby shower for my nephew n his gf.She delivered a month early,had no prenatal care,n baby was born addicted. She lied about due date

Continue reading "Baby. Shower gift"

Fiancee's son's graduation or nephew's wedding?

I'm perplexed. My fiancée's son high school graduation which will be held locally is the same day as my nephews wedding out of state. I rarely see my family

Continue reading "Fiancee's son's graduation or nephew's wedding?"

Unwanted text message for my address

I moved from my old neighborhood 3 years ago. I just received a text message, identifying herself as the lady from my old neighborhood, requesting my

Continue reading "Unwanted text message for my address"

inviting out of state family to a housewarming party

We have bought our first home. My husbands family live in CT and we live in ME. Should we invite them to our house warming party?

Continue reading "inviting out of state family to a housewarming party"

No birthday card in the mail from daughter and grandchildren

How do I ask my daughter if she and my grandkids sent a birthday card in the mail? I received a text. Is that the norm this day and age?

Continue reading "No birthday card in the mail from daughter and grandchildren"

2nd Wedding -financial obligations of bride's parents

What are the parents of the bride's financial obligations according to ettiquette for her 2nd marriage if the bride is a widow who eloped the 1st time

Continue reading "2nd Wedding -financial obligations of bride's parents"

Engagement party issues

I accidentally scheduled my engagement party on Father's Day...we didn't realize it until after we wrote it down on a hanging calendar because the calendars

Continue reading "Engagement party issues"

wedding invitation etiquette

My son is getting married. He and his bride are inviting their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. That makes it easy for the guest list - except

Continue reading "wedding invitation etiquette"

Teaching Values: Additional Teaching Resources

Teaching values is one of the most important responsibilities of any parent. Here are additional books and resources to help.

Continue reading "Teaching Values: Additional Teaching Resources "

Email Etiquette: Keeping Correspondence Professional

Email etiquette has become more essential with email moving into one of the central forms of communication.

Continue reading "Email Etiquette: Keeping Correspondence Professional"

Church Etiquette: Proper Behavior at the Church

Church etiquette serves as guidance to the wedding ceremony.

Continue reading "Church Etiquette: Proper Behavior at the Church"

Wedding Attire Etiquette: Appropriately dressing the part

Wedding Attire Etiquette will help you set the tone for your wedding!

Continue reading "Wedding Attire Etiquette: Appropriately dressing the part"

Wedding Flower Etiquette: Selection ideas

Flowers are an essential element in nearly every wedding. Wedding flower etiquette guidelines exist to help with this element of the ceremony.

Continue reading "Wedding Flower Etiquette: Selection ideas"

Dating Etiquette: Ensuring success

Dating etiquette is a big factor in the success or failure of a date.

Continue reading "Dating Etiquette: Ensuring success"

Graduation Etiquette: Getting ready for Commencement

As graduation time gets closer, you may be wondering about graduation etiquette, graduation gift etiquette, and basic etiquette and manners for the occasion.

Continue reading "Graduation Etiquette: Getting ready for Commencement"

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