Addressing a Birthday Invitation

by Lina Mingoia
(Ny, NY)

How do I address a birthday invitation to my nephew who is dating someone with a son. I want to invite her and her son as well?

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by: Ms P. Etiquette

Dear Lina~

This is such a thoughtful question!

The simple way to view this is how would you address this invitation to each of them if they were not dating? In other words if you wanted to invite your nephew, a woman and her son, what would you do?

I suggest you adress the invitation to each of them using both their first and last names. You can write one name below the other on the envelope, which is acceptable. If you know the addresses of all participants, you can send separate invitations, but that is not required. If you do not know everyone's name, then find that out before you send the invitation. Avoid using terms like "Mary and her son" or "Nephew, plus 2". Good manners oblige us to treat everyone with respect. Using a person's proper name helps him feel comfortable, especially when invited where she may be with strangers.

I hope you have a lovely birthday party.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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