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Why a free job search engine on an etiquette site? Practical Etiquette is about employing basic manners in an appropriate way to enhance your life and career standards. It was deemed appropriate that if we were going to discuss such things as interview etiquette, that we should also supply you the tools for finding your next career opportunity. In addition, a cost effective mechanism is available for employers to fill those open job listings.

We are excited to announce that The Practical Etiquette Job Board is here!

The purpose of the Practical Etiquette Job Board is to serve two constituents:

Instructions for the Job Seeker

The jobs listed on the The Practical Etiquette Job Board are not limited to full time positions. It includes seasonal jobs, part time jobs, and volunteer opportunities. In addition, it has the ability to search for open positions across the United States. You determine where you want your next opportunity by inputting City, State or Zip Code. The free job search engine will do the rest.

Here is a peek at some of the job listings available on this free job search engine:

Now that you have seen a taste of what is out there, go to The Practical Etiquette Job Board to get a full view of everything available. There is a list of jobs when you first go to the job board that will show you a list of job classified ads. This is only a partial list. The real power is at the top of the page with the search capability. In the Keyword Box enter the type of position you are looking for. Not sure of the exact position? Leave it blank. In the Location Box enter the town (or zip code) that you want as a starting point for the search, and then click the drop down box for how far you are willing to travel. What will come back is a listing of jobs that fit your search criteria. Included will be when the position was originally posted (far left column) so you will know how fresh the job listing is. Click on the job classified ads that fit what you are looking for and it will take you to a page where you can apply for the job online. It’s that easy!

As a word to the wise, as someone who recently went through his own “career transition”, after finding that perfect job, go to LinkedIn or some similar site, and see if you know anyone or are “linked” to anyone who knows someone at that company who would be willing to provide you an introduction to the hiring manager. By both submitting on line and getting someone on the inside deliver you resume, your chances for gaining an interview will be greatly enhanced.

Good luck with your search! And remember, this free job search engine caters to full time, part time, seasonal and volunteer positions in a geographic area of your choosing. Let us know how it works out.

Instructions for the Employer

Just as we are here to help people seeking positions find opportunities, we are also here to help you fill your open employment requisitions. We decided to try and keep the costs as low as possible, but to charge something de minimis to keep pranks off the list, and so we decided to go with $30 for 30 days. That’s it ... a dollar a day.

To place your job classified ad on the The Practical Etiquette Job Board, follow the link and in the upper right corner, you will see “Post a Job”. By clicking on that box, a form will come up. Fill in the form, review the form, make payment and post the job. It is that simple, and you are walked step by step through the process. So, please do consider posting your open jobs with the Practical Etiquette Job Board, whether it be full time, part time, seasonal or a volunteer opportunity.

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