Dating Etiquette

Dating etiquette is a big factor in the success or failure of a date. Regardless of the compatibility of the people involved, etiquette certainly makes the experience enjoyable for both.

When you are beginning to date (especially that all important first date), whether it is your first time in your life or the first time after a break-up of a long relationship, a divorce, or the loss of your spouse, you have to be clear of what you expect of a date. Having different expectations (having just fun or a lasting relationship) often leads to hurt feelings.

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One thing you should keep in mind is not to expect Mr. or Ms. Right to be at your door. Having high expectations often leads to disappointments and not-so-pleasant moments. Treat your date as an individual, have an open mind to what he/she has to offer, and have the right attitude to have a great time with this person. There is no reason why, if you are not compatible, you cannot be friends.

Dating Etiquette Do's:

dating etiquette- Be on time. Arrive at the time you agreed. If you are going to be late, call your date and say how long is going to take you to arrive. If somebody is picking you up, be ready to go at the time he/she rings the bell.

- Show the best in you. Dress neatly and take special care of your personal image.

- Clean your car. If you are driving, make sure your car is clean inside and outside, the gas tank is full and it has no mechanical problems.

- Listen. Pay attention to what your date is saying, this way you will find out more about his/her hobbies and interests.

- Show your table manners. If you are dining out, make sure you follow the table etiquette rules while at the table.

- Communicate. Always have open communication with your date. If there is a change of plans, say so and ask for his/her opinion. If you are allergic to certain foods, say so and choose a restaurant where both can eat and have a good time.

Dating Etiquette Don'ts:

dating etiquette - Absorb the conversation. Talking just about yourself is a big turn off. Listen more than you speak.

- Brag. Being a show-off is boring and rude. It’s ok if you are fantastic, but it’s better if the other person discovers that on his/her own.

- Flirt with others. Flirting with others while you are on a date only sends the message that you are not trustworthy. Focus on your date only.

- Invade his/her space. Keep a reasonable distance with your date, especially if it is the first time you go out together. Refrain from excessive touching, hugging or squeezing. Wait for the right time and moment where both feel comfortable with each other.

- Control the situation. A date is about two people. Both of you have an opinion.

- Gossip. The personal life of mutual friends is sacred. If you talk about the intimacies of others you are sending the message that you are not trustworthy and he/she should stay away from you.

- Talk about money or previous relationships. This type of conversations is not suitable for dating. Money matters will be disclosed at the right time when the relationship turns serious. Previous relationships should not be discussed at all, since your date will feel he/she is being compared to your old loves. If the relationship turns serious you can evaluate if it’s necessary to talk about it or not.

Dating a co-worker

Check your company policies if it is allowed dating a co-worker or not. Some companies have penalties such as transfer or dismissal. Careful with that.

If your company allows romance between co-workers, maintain your relationship with a low profile. Always keep a professional attitude at work and avoid any displays during office hours that can make other people uncomfortable or make clients question the reputation of your company.

Always celebrate love. Dating is a way of doing it.

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