Rudeness is exactly the opposite of etiquette and manners: lack of consideration, courtesy and respect towards others. It is a rudeness, polite manners, polite behavior, teaching respect, moral diplomacystatement that says that you are more important than those around you. It generally demonstrates a misunderstanding of the situation or an over-simplification of the occasion, or, quite simply, an outright disregard for others. Note that being rude is different from ignorance. Acting in this manner is intentionally acting in a way generally seen as unacceptable by society or disruptive to the intentions of those around you. Bad behavior as a result of ignorance is a result of lack of training. That is a very big difference when you should know better and still act poorly versus when you do not know any better.

An example of an insolent act is something I have witnessed many time while on vacation. As a party picks up speed, suddenly people begin to get out of hand. On one occasion, I had witnessed an individual deciding it is a good idea to throw deck furniture off the top floor deck and into the pool. Besides being extremely dangerous, how is this considering others? Whether it be your fellow party goers who could be hurt, or the homeowner who rented the house to you thinking you would treat it and them with the respect they should be afforded? Besides vandalizing the property and putting others at risk, here is a case where acting in this manner equates to a total lack of respect for others.

Some other unacceptable behavior includes the following:

  • Cutting into a checkout line at the store.

  • Speaking loudly on the cell phone, so everybody hears you.

  • Spitting on the sidewalk.

  • Treating a service provider with arrogance.

  • Not cleaning after your pet.

  • Speaking obscenities in public places.

  • Littering.

  • Smoking in non-smoking places.

  • Making cynical or sarcastic comments with the pure intention to hurt your listener.

  • Not attempting to control your children.

But, how do you react to a rude situation?

Very simple: with kindness and courtesy. Be an adult. Take responsibility and help the person to also start acting like an adult.

Do not lose your temper and always keep control of your emotions and your feelings.

Remember, if you take it personal, you lose. So, don't! Speak to the person as an adult. If you treat them like a child, they will react as one. Insolence cannot be solved with acting insolent in response.

Assess the situation and do not let discourtesy be in control instead of you.

With your kindness and courtesy in control, everybody wins.

rudeness, polite manners, polite behavior, teaching respect, moral diplomacy

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