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Teaching values is one of the single biggest responsibilities of any parent to their children and no one website can hope to cover this topic comprehensively on its own. As a result, below you will find a link to additional resources and books on different aspects of core value creation, etiquette, and other such topics as wedding etiquette and planning.

teaching values, etiquette books, wedding planning etiquette, personal core values

The definition of any individual is their personal core values. A person's core values will be formulated by their parents, where they grew up, and their general outlook on life. Why would an etiquette website address personal core values? Etiquette should be a part of a person’s core values. Understanding this will enable a more proactive and supportive way for teaching values. There are several pages of books on the topic in the above link. Find the book that fits your personal situation to better understand your journey.

Etiquette books are a good way to expand on the information in Practical Etiquette. Many will present a number of different aspects as well as differences between countries. If you are travelling internationally, it is always good to understand the cultural differences. You don't want to be in a position of insulting someone unawares of what you have done. Make the small investment to ensure a terrific time in your travels. This is especially important for business travelers going to a country for the first time. An initial impression is hard to change.

teaching values, etiquette books, wedding planning etiquette, personal core values

There is plenty of information on wedding etiquette in Practical Etiquette, from what to pre-wedding affairs, to what to wear, to who pays for what. This is one of the most important days in your life or the life of your son or daughter. It is also likely to be one of the most expensive. Make sure you plan properly to maximize this day for everyone. The resources in wedding planning etiquette will provide you additional information on everything you need, from the planning all the way through to protocol and procedures. Take the time to plan correctly upfront. It may be the cheapest, but most rewarding thing you do to ensure everything goes well.

Resources for Teaching Social Skills and Respect

Below you will find a selection of books that provide an outline on teaching respect and values from the very young up to the teen years. In addition, there are several books listed that address bullying and how to help your child handle this situation. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, click on the store name to be taken to the book store's website for a deeper search on the title you desire.

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